A Journey through the Four Elements

– Release, Transform, Relax & Detox Retreat Andalusia –

Holistic 11 Day Retreat with Plant Medicines, Breathwork, Bodywork,
Processwork, Lomi Lomi Nui Massage,
Detox Diet and to Reconnect with Nature and the Four Elements

at the Natural Park Sierra de Grazalema in Andalusia, Spain
20th – 30th of June 2022
(for a small group of max. 4 to 6 participants)

We are happy to invite you to a Journey through the Four Elements at our place in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park near the white village of Zahara de la Sierra in Andalusia, Spain.

After the winter months were again very challenging for many people, it is now time to release everything what not belongs to you and to recharge your batteries. The current quality of time is often quite demanding at the moment with many global challenges. This, of course, triggers your own inner topics and fears, emotions and trauma come to the fore. So it is time to further release these energies, to transform them, to detoxify body, mind and soul and above all to relax, unwind and find new clarity.

This retreat is specially designed for releasing, transformation, detoxification, relaxation and enjoyment.
During this 11 day retreat we will share with you Sacred Plant Medicines such as Rapé and Cacao and guide you through breathwork and trance dance practices to connect with your body and life force energy. We will explore the stunning nature of the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park and we will go together on a journey through the four elements. We connect with the earth on a medicine walk, cleanse ourselves with the crystal clear water of a mountain stream and with the salt water of the wild Atlantic ocean, receive the cleansing fire energy from the volcanic island of Hawaii in a deep shamanic Lomi Lomi Nui massage, known as the “Queen of Massages”, and we will ascend to the skies in a paragliding flight to refresh ourselves with the element of air and clear our minds.
In order to detoxify our body, we follow a special detox diet during the retreat, an alkaline fasting. We will go into the field of the Horse Medicine and we will do lot of process and integration work depending on the needs of the group and you as an individual. And of course we also give you enough space to relax in a beautiful setting, surrounded by nature where you can just be.
For this we create a conscious, lovingly maintained space in which we go deep into ourselves.

Together we will have two Rapé Ceremonies, a Cacao & Breathwork Ceremony, a Cacao Trance Dance Ceremony, a Lomi Lomi Nui Massage, many Process and Integration work sessions, a river hike to a river basin of the Arroyo de Bocaleones River, a Medicine Walk at the Sierra da Grazalema, a group session with the transformation coach Larissa Simon, a Despacho ritual on our beach day at the Atlantic ocean and, if you like, a paragliding tandem flight in the Sierra de Lijar area (can be booked separately).

You can also enjoy the surroundings of Zahara de la Sierra with its beautiful lake, the refreshing stream of the Garganta Verde canyon, the stunning nature of the Sierra de Grazalema mountain range and the charming white village of Zahara itself.
We will be a small and intimate group of 4 or maximum 6 participants (depending on the occupancy of the rooms).
As accommodation, we offer a guest finca next door with two bedrooms (bookable as a single room or as a double room for couples) or overnight stay in a 4 meter bell tent for 1 person.
During this time you will be looked after by our angel Cooking Aurelia, who will take care of the alkaline fasting and all the dishes during the retreat.

We will have our Opening Ceremony on the Summer Solstice (June 21st) and will conclude with our final day of the program on the New Moon with our Relaxation and Enjoyment Day while fully recharging our new energies.
We are very excited for this retreat at our place and very happy to share our work at this powerful and conscious place of transformation.

We are looking forward to welcome you…    Sanken Tsoma & Metsa Yaka 

Our Work & Program


Cacao & Breathwork Ceremony

Cacao ceremonies are originated all the way back to Mayan and Aztec traditions in Central and South America. The spirit of Cacao was used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes, inner awakening and creative guidance. The heart opening medicine can unlock euphoric states, release emotions and enabels you to connect to our higher self, our wisdom within, the loving energy in our body and will also silence the mind. Cacao has been used for centuries to heal the mental, physical and spiritual body.

Through deep, circulating breathing, we increase the oxygen supply in the brain and in the entire bloodstream. The neural network is stimulated and more hormones are released. Among other things, anandamides, also known as the “bliss hormone”. From the state of connectedness, emotions, stress and anxiety can be released, our own awareness and creativity are increased and we come into a feeling of inner peace, love and compassion. Deeper truths can show up.

“Our breathing is the direct connection to pure consciousness.”

* painted by Geenss Archenti Flores

Rapé & Sananga Ceremony

Rapé (pronounced Hapee) is a sacred and powerful plant medicine with deep healing, purifying and centering qualities which has been used for centuries by Brazilian indigenous tribes such as the Huni Kuin, Yawanawa and Nukini.

The Rapé is a powdered mixture made from finely ground Mapacho tobacco and ingredients or ash from various medicinal plants and it´s blown into the noise through a bamboo tube (Tepi). It cleans physically & energetically, it heals, opens the heart, centers the mind, clears the consciousness and cleans the pineal gland. Rapé is very good to focus and to maintain better concentration during meditation.
The Rapé ceremony is divided into three Rapé sharings with three different themes:
Spirit/mind – body – heart

In the last part of the ceremony is the eye drops medicine Sananga is shared. Sananga, the so called “Queen of the forest“ is also a very powerful medicine made from the root and bark of the Tabernaemontana undulate shrub. Dripped into the eyes, which are the windows of the soul, it can thus heal on the physical as well as on the spiritual level.

Furthermore you will receive a Mapacho cleansing during the ceremony with the smoke of the Mapacho tobacco.


Cacao & Trance Dance Ceremony

In this ceremony we invite again the Spirit of the Cacao medicine to go together in a dynamic work to release energies & emotions through dance and bodywork. We will embrace and work with whatever life is teaching us at that moment and relax deep into a deeper connection to ourselves.
Let yourself be guided by the breath, your body and reconnect to your intuition and deeper guidance to create space within for all new to come and to become more present and loving with yourself and everything that is.

Let´s embrace and get the energies moving.”

Medicine Walk

A medicine walk is a conscious walk through nature with a specific intention. On a medicine walk, we focus on ourselves and become aware of whatever is arising within us. On the walk we reconnect with Mother Nature and listen to her voice. By drawing attention to the messages and signs we encounter along the way, we gain clarity about current topics and situations

On this medicine hike we go into the beautiful nature of the Sierra de Grazalema. We will open ourselves to receive the messages that the spirits of nature have for us.

River Hike at the Canyon La Garganta Verde

To clear our energies, we will bring you on a river hike through the fresh stream Arroyo de Bocaleones which is part of the canyon La Garganta Verde.

In this beautiful jungle like path we will do releasing, cleansing and breathwork exercises to clear dense energies and heavy emotions and to regain new vital energy.

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

Lomi Lomi Nui is an ancient Hawaiian shamanic massage technique that restores movement and flow of the vital energy (mana) flowing through the body. This leads to deep physical, mental and spiritual regeneration and recovery and stimulates and activates the body’s self-healing processes.
With the Lomi Lomi Nui massage, energy blockages, tension, stuck emotions and stored stress can be released on a physical, psychological and energetic level. It stimulates the lymph nodes, which means that metabolic products can be better excreted, which leads to better blood circulation in the skin and stimulates the detoxification process. Lomi Lomi helps if you suffer from insomnia or anxiety. It restores a disturbed balance of body, mind and soul.
According to Hawaiian tradition, the ritual helps to master changes and start a new phase of life more easily.

Lomi Lomi Nui is performed as a full body massage with oil, massaged fluently with the hands and forearms to suitable music. Through this a space for healing opens up.
The massage will be given by Sanken Tsoma.

A Night in the Field of the Horse Medicine

We will spend a evening at the Finca San Pedro with Larissa Simon from the Horse Inspiration Academy.
The Horse Inspiration Academy has set itself the task of understanding spirituality in the mirror of living horses as an experiential, urban, modern and individual reality and thus integrating it into everyday life.
Through the reflection from the horse you can see the “whole picture” of yourself. It’s about becoming present. And to meet both, your own light and your own shadow.
On one evening Larissa will open her space for us and we let ourselves be surprised at what wants to emerge from this coming together.


Beach Celebration Day

Towards the end of our retreat we will have a trip to the Atlantic Ocean to celebrate our Beach Celebration Ceremony.

There here we will go into our final ceremony round and last purification work. Beside of a beuatiful Gratitude and Wish Ritual, we will do a salt water purification. And we will certainly not forget to relax, to enjoy and to celebrate life during this unforgettable beach day.

Despacho – Gratitude & Wish Ritual

At our Closing Beach Ceremony we will do a Despacho ritual, which is a very beautiful Gratitude and Wish Ritual, coming from the Andean Q’ero / Inca tradition. A Despacho is a kind of mandala made of natural elements. We will give our prayers of gratitude and our hearth wishes into the Despacho, before we will hand it over to the ocean together.

Process and Integration Work

It´s all about the integration, to really embody and manifest the experienced into your daily life.
Integration happens when experiences you made on an energetical, emotional and physical level, are brought into consciousness.

We will support you during the whole retreat in the process work with different techniques and ways, so that you can work through your process with self empowerment. Depending on the needs of the group we will introduce you to techniques from shadow work, inner child work, inquiry work, emotional release, trauma work or guided meditations. With this tools you are enabled to explore your inner landscape more and more by working on your personal topics.

Vegan Detox Diet – Alkaline Fasting

During the retreat we will do a vegan detox diet in form of a 7 day alkaline fasting, lead by our retreat chef Cooking Aurelia.

Alkaline fasting is a intensive purification and detoxification of the body. During this specific fasting period we only we only eat alkaline products. With this we strengthen the intestinal flora and reduce inflammation in the intestinal tract so that it can regenerate.
During alkaline fasting, one avoids unhealthy foods and abstain from food that forms acids or metabolic toxins. Food like meat, fish, any kind of animal products, bread, cereals, pasta, industrially manufactured sugar, sweets, soft drinks, coffee, green and black tea, alcohol. Instead of this during alkaline fasting we nurish ourselves with so called base builder foods. Such as fruits, vegetables, lettuce, nuts, seeds, oils, herbal teas. As well we will include bitter herbs which stimulate the detoxification process. Furthermore we include oil pulling and alkaline foot baths for the detox process.

The alkaline fasting is led by the vegan chef and nutritionist Cooking Aurelia aka Dani. She will take care of our physical well-being during the time of the retreat.

As an additional offer, you can book a nutritional consultation with her:

What’s next after the retreat? How do I get nutritionally back into everyday life? Cooking Aurelia will be happy to create your personal nutrition plan, which extensively covers all the nutrients you need to integrate a plant-based diet into everyday life. All food intolerances can be taken into account.
Dani is looking forward to support you.

Additional investment for your nutritional consultation and personal nutrition plan:
€ 120, –


Enjoyment Day with Paragliding Flight

Our last day is a relax and enjoyment day.
After our alkaline fasting, we are looking forward to enjoy delicious vegan post-fasting dishes prepared by Cooking Aurelia, we will use the day for sharings, relaxation and enjoyment, maybe we will go to the nearby lake. And for those who wish, we take the opportunity to rise in the sky and take a look from above. Algodonales is a paragliding paradise and it’s said it’s one of the best areas in the world for the practice of this sport.
So you will have the possibility to book addistionally a paragliding tandem fligt, to see the mountain ranges Sierra de Lijar  and Sierra de Grazalema from above.
After we have already passed through the elements of earth, water and fire during the retreat, we will take to the skies on our last retreat day to be finally refreshed, clarified and inspired by the element of air. And with a bit of luck, we might be accompanied by a couple of vultures that have their nesting sites in the Sierra de Grazalema and sometimes fly together with the paragliders.

Since not everyone necessarily wants to get up in the air and experience paragliding, or maybe because of a fear of heights it woulnd be possible, we have excluded the paraglider flight from the retreat price and you have the option of additionally booking the paragliding tandem flight.
The flights will be booked by us at a local active tourism company a done by experienced Paragliding Sports Technicians.

The additional costs for the paragliding flight are: 
€ 100,-

Content & Schedule

The 11 day retreat is an combination of

  • 2 Rapé & Sananga ceremonies for cleansing, aligning and centering awareness
  • 1 Cacao & Breathwork ceremony
  • 1 Cacao & Trance Dance ceremony
  • 1 Lomi Lomi Nui Massage
  • a medicine walk
  • a river hike trough the stream Arroyo de Bocaleones and the canyon La Garganta Verde
  • process and integration work like shadow work, emotional release, inner child work, inquiry work and/or guided meditations (depending on the needs)
  • a group session with transformation coach Larissa Simon
  • a beach ceremony & celebration day with Despacho ritual at the ocean
  • a paragliding tandem flight (can be booked additionally with a surcharge of € 100,-)
  • detox diet with 7 day alkaline fasting

The retreat is an cycle closed in itself.
This way the work is as effectively as possible and you can go deeper in your personal processes to intense your healing and transformation process and also to evolve and expand a strong group process.


  • Monday – arrival day with welcome dinner
  • Tuesday – preparation and 1st Rapé & Sananga ceremony
  • Wednesday – process work and 2nd Rapé & Sananga ceremony
  • Thursday – Cacao & Breathwork ceremony
  • Friday – canyon hike with river clearing
  • Saturday – relax day with Lomi Lomi Nui massages
  • Sunday – medicine walk and a group session with Larissa Simon
  • Monday – process work and Cacao & Trance Dance ceremony
  • Tuesday – beach celebration day with Despacho ritual
  • Wednesday – relax and enjoyment day with Paragliding flight
  • Thursday – departure day with farewell breakfast

The ceremonies will be held in the evening. During the day we will do process and integration work and you will have as well enough time to relax, to enjoy the nature and to have a swim in the lake or to take a sun bath the pool at the guest finca.
The schedule is an approximate guide line, but not fixed and may change slightly depending on the flow.

Arival & departure time:

  • arrival is on Monday, 20th of June in the afternoon
  • departure is on Thursday, 30th of June after the breakfast
For whom is this Retreat?

If you feel the need to recharge your batteries, you need a break from everyday life and want to immerse yourself in the silence of nature and a consciously and lovingly held space to release tension, stress and emotions and take a break to relax and to reconnect deeply with yourself, then you will find exactly that in this retreat.


If you are looking for personal and spiritual growth in your life, you want to step into your strength and your full potential and are ready to take responsibility for yourself, then you are welcome to join a group of people who are looking for change and transformation.


⇒ If you are having a difficult time emotionally, mentally or energetically, you are currently challenged by life, you feel depressed or suffer from traumatic experiences and trauma, then this will be a held space for you to process emotions, to let go fears, to release blockages, to step out of suffering and to leave some of your burden behind you.


⇒ If you have physical or mental health problems, chronic diseases or addictions we will support you on your personal path of healing and help to bring awareness to the connection between body, mind and soul and to detox your body in order to bring everything more and more into balance.


⇒ If you need a recalibration in life, a resest, a re-centering and a realignment to open up a new path or a new chapter in your life, we cannot recommend enough the work with sacred plant medicines, healthy plant based nutrition and inner process work. If we bring different helpful tools and techniques together, this has the opportunity to bring a huge change in our lives.


If you recognize yourself in one of the specifications or you have other good reasons to join or your inner voice / your higher self tells you that this retreat is made for you, then trust your inner feeling and take the opportunity.

About us

The retreat will be held by Sanken Tsoma and Metsa Yaka. Both will share their medicine with you and guide you through the ceremonies and your process.
On one retreat day we will visit the finca San Pedro, where we will do  a group session with Larissa Simon from the Horse Inspiration Academy.
And for your physical well-being and our detox diet the vegan cook and nutritional advisor Cooking Aurelia – Dani wil be there for you with her delicious vegan food.

Sanken Tsoma

Sanken Tsoma has been working intensively with traditional plant medicine in the shamanic field for 9 years. Through shamanic Master Plant Dietas, various teacher plants and his teachers Maestro Inkanima from the Shipibo-Conibo tradition and Don Eduardo Chura Apaza from the Q’ero / Inca tradition, he was initiated into the type of energy work of these traditions from the Peruvian Amazon and the Peruvian High Andes.
His focus is on personal and spiritual growth, expansion, inner and outer transformation and self-realization on a spiritual level.

more infos here

Metsa Yaka

For Metsa Yaka as a passionate inquiry work practitioner, coming from the shamanic approach through the work with Ayahuasca and various Master Plants, as well from the work with the Horse Medicine, the intention is always, to get to the source of things to really transform in order to grow.
Her work is not based on a technique, she let herself be guided and follow her intuition what is needed in the moment.

more infos here

Cooking Aurelia

Dani is a vegan cook and nutritional advisor. Beside her passion for plant-based foods and for vegan cooking techniques she loves to support people in implementing a healthy and tasty plant-based diet in their lives.


Larissa Simon

As a horse whisperer and mentor for communication and transformation, Larissa Simon helps horses and people to come into an experience that is carried by love, clarity and responsibility.


The Venue

We invite you to our finca “Huerto de la Rosa”, which is located in the natural park Sierra de Grazalema near the white village Zahara de la Sierra. This beautiful remote place is sorrounded by an impresive landscape of mountains, canyons, caves, rivers and vultures nesting places. In this self-sufficient environment you can reconnect with healthy nature and with yourself. We have a beautiful ceremony place with a big star tent, a very nice outdoor bathroom and amazing spots on and around our property. On our little farm you will also get to know our deer, 3 horses, 3 dogs and 12 cats.

Accomodation & board

You will have four accommodation options:

  • single room at the finca Casa Rural
  • double room with a 1,40 m double bed (recommended only for couples, family or close friends) at the finca Casa Rural
  • 4 m bell tent for one person
  • 4 m bell tent for two persons (for double bookings of couples, family or friends)

You can choose the accommodation option with overnight stay at the guest finca Casa Rural, which is also located in the Sierra de Grazalema nature reserve, about 15 minutes’ walk from our retreat place.
The finca has 2 double rooms that can be booked either as single room or as double bed room for couples. The finca has a kitchen, WiFi, a swimming pool and a breathtaking view.
The white village Zahara de la Sierra can be reached in 20 minutes on foot and the beautiful lake of Zahara is also not far away.

Or you can choose the accommodation option with overnight stay in a beautiful 4 meter bell tent on our retreat place, located on a hill with a amazing view.
Depending on occupancy, the tent has one or two beds and can be booked for one person or optionally for two people as a double booking by a couple, family or friends.
You will have a outdoor bathroom and outdoor toilet.
You will also be able to use the guest house Casa Rural during the day with its kitchen, living room, bath room, WiFi and swimming pool.

If you would like to stay a little longer in the area, there is the possibility to book a few extra nights in another guest house in the area or it may be possible to book extra nights in our bell tent on site at short notice.


On the day of arrival (Monday) we start with a welcome dinner.
From the following day we start our 7-day plant-based detox diet, the alkaline fasting. Deliciously prepared by our Cooking Aurelia. For breakfast there will either be smoothies or muesli/porridge made from basic pseudo-cereals. At lunchtime Dani will serve us a delicious salad and in the evening she will conjure up a delicious dish or a soup made from regional vegetables from our organic vegetable farmer.
After our detox diet, we have two enjoyment days in which we can enjoy Dani’s delicious plant-based cuisine with some goodies.
On the day of departure (Thursday) there is a farewell breakfast.

If you have any food intolerances or follow a special diet, please let us know in advance.

Preparation & Packing List

Preparation for the detox diet:

It is recommended to reduce some acidic foods such as meat, fish, dairy products (milk, cheese, quark, yoghurt), eggs, sweets with industrially manufactured sugar, caffeine and alcohol already two or three days before the retreat, to slowly adjust your body to the detox diet. Instead, increase fresh plant-based foods like vegetables, fruits, lettuce, nuts, and seeds.
The better you prepare your body for the it, the easier it will be to start the detox diet. If you are used to drinking a lot of coffee or other caffeinated beverages and you stop drinking caffeinated beverages, you might experience a headache on the 3rd day, which usually disappears the day after.

Medical guidelines:

First priority is the safety and health of the participants.
To ensure this you have to fill out a questionnaire with questions about your mental and physical health.
In some cases with particular health conditions it is important to know beforehand as the combined work with plant medicines such as Rapé & Cacao and bodywork such as breathwork & trance dance can be pretty intense.

Packing list:

  • a blanket or a sleeping-bag for the ceremonies in the evening
  • maybe notebook and pens if you want to write down something
  • small flashlight or headlamp
  • comfortable clothes
  • light sneakers, barefoot shoes or neoprene shoes that can get wet for our river hike
  • if you want, music instruments



Welcome to the Sierra de Grazalema


If you come by plane, please book your flights to Seville, to Jerez de la Frontera or to Málaga.
The day of arrival at the retreat will be the 20th of June (from afternoon) and the day of departure from the retreat will be the 30th of June (after breakfast).
To search for suitable flights, we recommend for example the flight search engine Skyscanner: https://www.skyscanner.com
Please take care of the travel regulations for Spain and back to your home country.
Travel regulations from your country to Spain you can check here: https://travelsafe.spain.info/en/


From the city of your arrival you can take a bus to Algodonales or Villamartin, where we will pick you up and bring you to our retreat place. Th pickup from Algodonales or Villamartin is included.

> From Seville Airport you need to take a bus or a taxi to the Seville Prado San Sebastian bus station or the bus station Plaza de Armas. From there you have a bus connection to Algodonales or Villamartin (please note that on weekends buses from Seville to Algodonales are only available in the morning).
> From Jerez de la Frontera Airport you need to take a bus or a taxi to the Jerez main bus station. And from there you have a bus connection to Villamartin.
> From Málaga Airport you need to take a bus or a taxi to the Málaga main bus station. And from there you have a bus connection to Villamartin.

You can check your bus connecton here: https://www.checkmybus.com
(please note bus connections are only shown 2 weeks in advance)

Airport shuttle service:

We offer as well a shuttle service from the airport Seville or Jerez de la Frontera and back to the airport after the retreat.
Price airport shuttle service from Sevilla or Jerez de la Frontera:  € 60,- one direction
 (can be shared if more participants will be picked up together)

Rental car:

You can also rent a car at the airport for the duration of the retreat. This gives you more flexibility if you want to go on an excursion on your own on your free day or free time or if you want to stay some days longer.
To rent a car is not so expensive and the renting prices start at already from around € 280,- for 11 days (depending on the airport). You can find offers here, for example: https://www.doyouspain.com

Your Self Investment

Bell Tent (1 Bed)

11 Day Retreat
incl. accommodation in a beautiful 4 meter bell tent (as single occupancy for 1 person)

Monday, 20th of June till Thursday, 30th of June 2022
(high seasoon price)


Bell Tent (2 Beds)

11 Day Retreat
incl. accommodation in a beautiful 4 meter bell tent (as double occupancy for couples/family/friends)

Monday, 20th of June till Thursday, 30th of June 2022
(high seasoon price)


Single Room

11 Day Retreat
incl. accommodation
in a single room in the private guest house
Casa Rural

Monday, 20th of June till Thursday, 30th of June 2022
(high seasoon price)


Double Room

11 Day Retreat
incl. accommodation in a double room in the guest house Casa Rural (for couples/family)

Monday, 20th of June till Thursday, 30th of June 2022
(high seasoon price)


Optional - Paragliding Tandem Flight

The paragliding tandem flight can be booked as an extra option when you sign in.

Sign in
To sign in for our 11 Day Release, Transform, Relax & Detox Retreat:
If you have further questions please send me an email to info@visiones.org
Research Study & Membership

All our retreats and ceremonies serve as research studies in order to explore and evaluate the effect of the shared plants and practices as holistic healing techniques.
Our aim is to support the holistic healing of body mind and soul with alternative practices, to promote a balance in life and to support an alternative healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with our nature.
Our retreats, ceremonies and individual treatments do not replace any medical treatment.
To participate in our retreats / research studies, it is necessary for legal reasons to become a member of our association.
For this we also offer a free short-term membership. You can select your membership type later in the registration form.