Visiones Crowdfunding Campaign

– For our Associaton Base in Andalusia and our Online Shop Startup –

To support our work in Andalusia and the our new startup, Sanken Tsoma online shop, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Gofundme platform.
After the last “lockdown season” we had some financial turbulences and now we are very happy to have the opportunity to ask our community for support to keep going with our work.
For our work in Andalusia we have to set up and to prepare our association place in order to hold retreats, ceremonies and share our work there.
Furthermore we have planned an online shop for natural remedies and ceremonial tools, for which we need financial support in order to finally bring this beautiful new project to life. With this we want to be able to offer you beautiful plant medicine treasures from the Amazon, to support the communities this way and as well that we become financially more independet with this shop, in case of further lockdown situations in the furure.
We therefore invite you to take a look at our campaign and if you feel you would like support it or share the campaign, we are very grateful for any support!
Please follow the button to learn more about our campaign.