Medicina Feminina

8 Day Retreat /// 09. – 16. June 2019

Málaga / Andalusia / Spain
by Metsa YakaNaomi Larissa Kurcharsky & Emmy

* picture by Katie Lloyd

We are so excited to invite you to this really special Goddess Week in the south of Spain.

When you hear “Goddess”, you may have the image of a gorgeous women standing at the shore in a long beautiful dress. And yes, we will celebrate this aspect of ourselves, but there is so much more to becoming a fully alive Goddess. A true Goddess is radiant in all of her feelings, because she allows herself to express them all consciously without holding back.
Becoming a true Goddess is about stepping into the space of awareness and giving yourself full permission to get to know yourself, through healing your wounds and facing your shadows in order to transform them. By owning full self-responsibility, you unleash your unique power and one will live in true connection.
We are creating this very special retreat to support you in the process to your own liberation.
By working with the sacred and powerful Plant Medicine from the Amazon with Metsa Yaka and the beautiful and cleansing Jungle Medicine Kambo from Brazil with Emmy, are you embarking on an intense inner journey of purification, healing and self-knowledge.
You will have the opportunity to truly experience self-love and compassion in a heart-opening Cacao ceremony and you will be introduced to the ancient healing Yoni Egg practice, to reconnect with our source of life.

During our retreat we will have two Plant Medicine ceremonies, one Kambo and one Cacao ceremony.
In these sacred ceremonies you will be supported with open hearts, in a safe space through your profound cleaning, healing and transformation process on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level.

The other big part of Medicina Feminina is the integration work. With that you will be able to manifest your experiences into your life. Naomi will open up the space for the circle of sisterhood.
In this circle all there is to see or to share will get a listening, such that each individual process is being taken care of. Integration happens when experiences you made on an energetical, emotional and physical level are brought into consciousness by sharing them. And by the sharing being witnessed by people who listen to you with their heart. It is also a learning how to open a space by listening to each other in this very special way.

Every morning we will gather in meditation and connect by singing mantras together.
Healthy, delicious, plant based chakra food will nourishly support our processes.
And of course you will find time for yourself to relax, have a swim in the pool and celebrate life with us in our Drum Dance closing celebration.

Dear feminine being, if you are feeling the call, if you are searching for healing, if you are willing to dive through your shadows in order to transform them, if you are just waiting to live your self-determined life as an creator of the highest visions from your soul, your essence, your heart in joy, send us your registration.

We are waiting for you, brave women and we can´t wait to spend this transformational week with you!!!

Lot of love
Yaka, Naomi & Emmy

Our Work

* painted by Geenss Archenti Flores

Plant Medicine Ceremony

In the Shipibo Tradition Ceremony you are connecting with sacred healing plants from the Peruvian Amanzon. By drinking the powerful medicine you enter the world of the Master Plants, which enable you to work on a deeper level of consciousness and experience profound healing, clearing and transformation on a physical, emotional and energetical level. It is aswell about the transformation of old patterns and removing of blockages.

The medicine opens you up to your truth and connects you to the understanding and blessings of life.
Through the integration of the teachings and the wisdom of the plants, this can be the starting point to change your life and live it in full potential.


Cacao Ceremony

Theobroma cacao – also calledFood for the Gods“ – ceremonies are originated all the way back to Mayan and Aztec traditions in Central and South America. The spirit of Cacao was used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes, inner awakening and creative guidance. The heart opening medicine can unlock euphoric states, release emotions and enabels you to connect to our higher self, our wisdom within, the loving energy in our body and will also silence the mind.

Cacao has been used for centuries to heal the mental, physical and spiritual body. It is a natural and ancient plant medicine, with a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and is a powerful antioxidant, that enhances the immune system and increases vitality and concentration. Cacao allows you to gently open your heart and balances the feminine and masculine engergies in the body.

Integration and Process Work

It´s all about the integration, to really embody and manifest the experienced into your daily life.
In the understanding circle of sisterhood, we will open up the space of sharing and listening by heart. Integration happens when experiences you made on an energetical, emotional and physical level, are brought into consciousness by sharing them.
We will support you in your process work as well with different techniques and show you ways how you can walk through with self empowerment.

Kambo – Jungle Medicine from the Amazonas

Kambo is a powerful frog medicine used by the indigenous people of the Amazon. As well as having healing and detoxing qualities, Kambo medicine gives a massive boost to the immune system and brings renewed vitality to the body. It is made in the Upper Amazon Basin from the secretion of the giant monkey frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor), which is native to the region.
The Kambo is applied onto small dots which are burned onto the skin. This enables the medicine to enter the body via the lymphatic system: this is the most conducive method of entry for healing.
The peptides in the frog secretion trigger chemical reactions in the body, causing the internal organs and intestines to purge toxins, along with a massive increase in white blood cell production. This purge and increase creates conditions for a vibrant and healthy immune system.

By diving into this experience and allowing yourself to experience the spirit of Kambo, your body receives a renewal, and re-structuring of the cells. Not only does your physical body receive the healing, But also your mind and spirit, which will help you to live the life you desire, in health and mind fullness.

 source Crystal Inn


* painted by Aleksandra Anna Kapella

Yoni Egg Practise

Our Yoni, in Sanskrit ´the Origin`, is a portal of the utmost intimacy, sacredness, creativity, pleasure and relating. And yet, often, also a nexus of silent pain, ancestral grief, sexual or childbirth trauma, decades of our sisters’ overstepped boundaries and unsaid “No”s. And from menarche to menopause, she is the exit point for our deepest mode of cleansing and detoxification: our moon cycle.
For every woman, her most intimate organ and energy centre is loaded with significance. Her root chakra energy runs deep throughout our being and it is perhaps the most important part of our identification as women, mothers, lovers and sisters.

The ancient Taoist Jade Egg Practise, who has its origin in ancient China, is a potent part of our whole feminine ‘Qi Regime’. It depends on our intentions of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation behind the work with the eggs, that maximises the treasures of this precious practice. It has the potential to develop our sacred feminine part, that part of ourselves that knows how to use our vital sexual energy to heal and liberate ourselves with love, awareness and consciousness.

The Venue

We will welcome you at a strong medicine place at the Crystal Mountain, located around 25 km in the west of Málaga.
It is the home of various medicines and shamanic works and together with the energy from the original nature it is building a amazing fundament for transformational healing work.

The keepers of this place will provide us with

  • accomodation in little shared huts with one or two beds
  • a beautiful ceremony maloka
  • a cozy pool
  • and if it will be ready until the retreat, also a sauna

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About us

Désirée – Metsa Yaka

Metsa Yaka is working intensively with the sacred Medicine since 2013. Every year she is diving more into the world of the plants, by doing various Master Plant Dietas. Her intention behind her work ist healing, transformation and liberation.

Naomi Larissa Kucharsky

Naomi has lived with horses for more than 20 years. She is primarily concerned with the topics of communication and transformation.


Emmy´s strong relationship with the divine jungle medicine started in 2012 and she is working now as a Kambo practitioner since four years. She is sharing her medicine with her whole heart, bringing it to them, who are needing it.

Prices & Flights

Price 8 Day Retreat (7 Nights):

€ 965,-   Retreat price
+ € 485,-  for accommodation, retreat place & food

+ optional
€ 15,-    Airport shuttle service from Málaga airport, if needed (both ways inclusive)

After your registration, a deposit of € 350,- per bank transfer or Paypal is required to confirm your place in the retreat.

The rest of the price (€ 1100,-) can be paid immediately or no later than one week before the retreat by bank transfer or Paypal. After consultation, it is also possible to settle the balance in cash on the spot at the beginning of the retreat.

In case you have to cancel your registration, up to 3 weeks before the retreat, the cancellation is free and we will send back your deposit.

For cancellations from 3 weeks before the retreat, the deposit (of € 350,-) will be charged as a cancellation fee.


Next airport Málaga Airport Costa del Sol (AGP)

Arival day – 09.06.2019 (until the evening)
Departure day – 16.06.2019 

If you want to come earlier or stay longer after the retreat, it is also possible to book days for € 35,- per day (accomodation & food)

Cheap flights from many countries and cities in Europe you can find here startig from less then € 100,- for both

Travel tip
You can travel with a small hand luggage trolley, this should be enough. Then you don´t have to pay for extra luggage.

And dont forget to book your ticket soon, as long they are cheap!!!

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