Integrative Plant Medicine Retreats

Multy-Day Retreats with Plant Medicine Ceremonies and Integration & Process Work

We welcome you to our holistic and transformative Integrative Plant Medicine Retreats.

In these kind of retreats we combine the sacred Plant Medicine from the Peruvian Amazon with practices for process and integration work.
During our Retreats we will hold Plant Medicine Ceremonies in Shipibo Tradition, introduce you as well to other plant medicines and we will share and go together into different process work practices. So you will have the possibility to go even deeper in your own process. You will gain tools for your daily life and discover new ways to keep working on your processes independently.
Some weeks after the retreats, we will meet again online for an post-integration Zoom session.

The retreats will be held by the curanderos Metsa Yaka and Sanken Tsoma. Both are initiated into the Inkanima-lineage by the Shipibo Maestro Inkanima and guided, supported and protected through this lineage. 

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