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Project Info

With the income of our Inkanima Tours we support Maestro Inkanima

in the construction of his healing and learning center near Pucallpa in Peru

With our tours we support direct the establishment and construction of Inkanima´s healing center in the area of Puccalpa in Peru.
The vision of Inkanima and us is to create a center, which is not part of the Plant Medicine tourism which emerged in the last years in Peru.
The aim of this center is to create a place, where authentic and honestly healing work can take place and where sudents of Inkanima have a possibility to dive deeper into the teachings of the Master Plants during Master Plant Diets.

The center will enable Inkanima to work independently, thereby providing financial support to its family. Furthermore the building of the center also creates jobs for people of his Shipibo community.
In addition to the financial support, Inkanima is also strategically assisted by the School of Mysteries in the planning, calculation and construction process and later in the operation of the center, to ensure this way the economic stability of the center.

Agenda of the Healing Center in Peru:

  • 2016 – Construction of a house for Inkanimas family:
    • after our first Summer Tour 2016, Inkanima was able to build with the financial support of the donations of this tour a house for his family – done √
  • 2017 – Purchase of a medicine garden:
    • after the Summer tour 2017 he was able to buy with the donations he received land for a medicinal plant garden in the area of his community Paoyhan – done √
  • 2018 – Purchase of land for a Healing Center for Master Plant Diets:
    • after the Summer Tour 2018 Inkanima could use the donations of the tour to buy land near Puccalpa, where the healing center can arise now – done √
  • Plans 2019 – Building phase 1:
    • clearing and preparing of the land for the building phase – done √ 
    • with the donations from the Winter Tour and Summer Tour 2019 the first building phase can start, in which the first tambos (little guest & diet huts) will be build – in progress
  • Plans 2020 – Building phase 2:
    • with the donations from the Winter Tour and Summer Tour 2020 the second building phase can start, in which the kitchen, the main house and more tambos (little guest & diet huts) will be build
  • Center Opening and first Master Plant Diets 2020:
    • the opening of Inkanima´s center near Puccalpa in Peru is planned for 2020 – for this we´re planning to organize the first Master Plant Dieta there in Fall 2020

You want to support the project?

If you want to support this project with extra donations to Inkanima for the building process of his center, you can send your donation via PayPal.
Many thanks for your support!

If you have further questions regarding the project or the Master Plant Dietas there, feel free to contact us here:

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