Rapé & Sananga Ceremony

by Sanken Tsoma

Rapé (pronounced Hapee) is a sacred and powerful plant medicine with deep healing, purifying and centering qualities which has been used for centuries by Brazilian indigenous tribes such as the Huni Kuin, Yawanawa and Nukini.

The Rapé is a powdered mixture made from finely ground Mapacho tobacco and ingredients or ash from various medicinal plants and it´s blown into the noise through a bamboo tube (Tepi). It cleans physically & energetically, it heals, opens the heart, centers the mind, clears the consciousness and cleans the pineal gland. Rapé is very good to focus and to maintain better concentration during meditation.

The Rapé ceremony is divided into three Rapé sharings with three different themes:

Spirit/mind – body – heart

  • the mind and the spirit of the participant will be centered and clarified
  • the body will be purified of unhealthy, dense and blocking energies.
  • the heart chakra will be opened so that love and self-love can come into the flow and your heart can find healing in itself

The ceremony is a strong cleansing process and it may be possible to throw up during the ceremony, which is a desired effect. It could be that emotions come up and are released. After the ceremony you might feel a bit exhausted and tired, but usually very comfortable, clearer, centered and recharged with new energies after a night of sleep.

During the ceremony, Icaros – indigenous healing songs of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe – are sung, which work directly in the energy field of the participants. It will be worked with the pipe and Mapacho tobacco and if necessary dense energies can be extracted from the body with hands.

In the last part of the ceremony the eye drops medicine Sananga is shared (to those who want to receive it).
Sananga – the so called “Queen of the forest“ – is also a very powerful medicine made from the root and bark of the Tabernaemontana undulate shrub.
Dripped into the eyes, which are the windows of the soul, it can thus heal on the physical as well as on the spiritual level. It clears the mind of disturbing energies, helps to see with more clarity, to focus better and to center.
Its also can alleviate or cure diseases of the eye.

The three different Rapé varieties that are used in this ceremony are very strong, intense and deeply cleansing Rapé´s. 
Also, the Sananga which is been shared in the ceremony, is a very strong and potent one.

The ceremony takes around four hours and will be held by Sanken Tsoma (click on the name for more infos), who is working in the Inkanima lineage. Beside his guidance from the plants through master plant dietas he was taught and initiated by the Shipibo Maestro Inkanima (from the Peruvian Amazon) and the Inca / Q’ero Healer Don Eduardo Chura Apaza (rom the Peruvian Andes).

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