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– Individual 4 Week Online Workshop –

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by Metsa Yaka

I´m going to offer a transformational month for those of you, who are feeling the call for inner and outer change.
If you have the feeling of being “stuck“, if you seek clarity and if you want to deeply connect with yourself and your deeper truth, then this workshop is something for you.

In a compassionate space of consciousness you can dive deeper into your inner landscape, connect with your emotions and feelings, release and transform them, discover unseen shadow aspects to bring them into healing and unravel destructive believe systems and mind structures by engaging different tools.

Our intention will be to find the answers and clarity you are seeking for inside of you by connecting to your inner wisdom and the wisdom of your body and transform what needs to be transformed to really live the path of your heart.

When we tapping into a protected space of consciousness, when we are opening our self to the deeper truth by confronting with full commitment the uncomfortable, we will always be supported with everything what is needed for deep transformation.

What you need to bring: 

  • a clear and honest commitment and a YES coming from within to confront what is uncomfortable in order to change
  • a clear and honest commitment and YES to step in full self responsibility

We will meet once a week for approximately 1,5 hours in a private one to one Zoom Meeting and stay connected via WhatsApp throughout your process.

Let´s leave the comfort zone and live your life in full authenticity!

I´m looking forward to support you on your way to become a conscious creator of your life.

Lots of Love…    Metsa Yaka

About Metsa Yaka

For me as a passionate inquiry work practitioner, coming from the shamanic approach through the work with Ayahuasca and various Master Plants, as well from the work with the Horse Medicine, the intention is always, to get to the source of things to really transform in order to grow.
My work is not based on a technique, I let myself be guided and follow my intuition what is needed in the moment.

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