3 Night Retreat Spain (Málaga)

25/07 – 28/07/2019

Powerful medicine place at the crystal mountain, around 60 km in the south of Málaga.

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Price 3 Night Retreat (incl. 3 Ceremonies):

€ 555,-           for the retreat, sleeping cabin & food

Price 1 Night participation (incl. 1 Ceremony):

€ 185,-           for 1 ceremony, group sleeping cabin & food
or € 150,-      for 1 ceremony without room & food (possibility of sleeping in the ceremony tent – for Spnish people only)

+ optional
€ 15,-    Airport shuttle service from Málaga airport, if needed (both ways inclusive)

The prices are per person and including vegan/vegetarian diet food.
The payment information you will find in our registration form, when you click on the Sign-in button below.


Cheap flights from many airports in Europe to Malaga airport:

Arrival & departure time:

Arrival time on the first day between 4 pm and 7 pm
Departure time on the last day between 2 pm and 4 pm (earlier departure time after consultation possible)

Preparation for the retreat:

It is highly recommended (partly necessary) to make a special preparation diet before, during and after the retreat, to prepare you physically and mental for the retreat. This diet includes following topics:

Please abstain two weeks before and after the retreat from:

  • pork and red meat

Please abstain one week before and after the retreat from:

  • salt, spices, garlic, onion and sugar
  • dairy products
  • citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, mandarins, pineapple, kiwi, passion fruit)
  • oil and fat (including avocados and nuts)
  • pills, medications, caffeine, alcohol and drugs of any kind (waiver urgently necessary!)
  • sexual activities
  • violent or aggressive movies or video games

Packing list:

  • a blanket and a pillow or a sleeping-bag for the ceremonies
  • a mat (sleeping pad/yoga mat) for the ceremonies (at some venues available)
  • at some venues bed linen or a sleepning-bag for the sleeping room
  • maybe notebook and pens if you want to write down something
  • small flashlight
  • comfortable clothes and thick socks
  • if you want, music instruments

Detailed informations you will receive two weeks before the retreat.

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This retreat is part of our Inkanima Summer Tour 2019.
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In the Shipibo Tradition Ceremony you are connecting with sacred healing plants from the Peruvian Amanzon. By drinking the powerful medicine you enter the world of the Master Plants, which enable you to work on a deeper level of consciousness and experience profound healing, clearing and transformation on a physical, emotional and energetical level. It is aswell about the transformation of old patterns and removing of blockages.

The medicine opens you up to your truth and connects you to the understanding and blessings of life.
Through the integration of the teachings and the wisdom of the plants, this can be the starting point to change your life and live it in full potential.

The 3 Night Retreats are an combination of:

  • sacred plant ceremonies according to the Shipibo-Conibo tradition
  • Rapé rituals and Sananga sharings for cleansing, aligning and centring awareness
  • very deep and insightful teachings about plant medicines, spirituality and personal development
  • individual treatments like shamanic massages and taking out or sucking out of heavy energies f needed
  • integreation work like shadow work or guided meditations
  • comprehensive care by the Team Inkanima

The complete 4 day retreat lasts over 3 ceremony nights and each retreat is an cycle closed in itself. It is recommended to attend all the ceremonies of the retreat where you participate, because this way the work is as effectively as possible and you can go deeper in your personal processes to intense your healing process and also to evolve and expand a strong group process. A complete retreat cycle process brings to all participants the highest possible benefit.

If the retreat is not fully booked, it´s also possible to get some spaces for a shorter participation. Participants who register for the whole retreat have precedence.


All our retreats and ceremonies serve as research studies in order to explore and evaluate the effect of the used plants and practices as holistic healing techniques.
Our aim is to support the holistic healing of body mind and soul with alternative practices, to promote a balance in life and to support an alternative healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with our nature.
Our retreats, ceremonies and individual treatments do not replace any medical treatment.
To participate in our retreats / research studies, it is necessary for legal reasons to become a member of our association.
For this we also offer a free short-term membership. You can select your membership type later in the registration form.

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