Visiones Asociación

Association for research and preservation of old and new knowledge for the development of holistic ways of healing and expanding awareness in harmony of humans, animals and nature

Philosophy & Organization Structure


‘Visiones Asociación‘ is a international acting non-profit-organisation, headquartered and registered in Austria, with operating base in Andalusia / Spain.

The purpose of this registered association is to fill the world with individual visions with the common principle of an Earth where humans, animals and plants can live side by side in a symbiotic relationship with each other. A place where values like freedom, peace, respect, integrity, truth and love are lived and respected with the highest priority. Where human rights and animal rights as well as environmental protection form the uncompromising basis of all action.

To co-create this world together, our aim is:

Helping people who share the same principles, to find their own vision and to manifest this in our material world through self-realization and self-empowerment.
To be able to do this, we want to find and show ways to unleash our full potential by stepping into our self-responsibility, practicing self-reflection, increasing consciousness and mindfulness, focusing on the integration of own shadows and soul parts, releasing of our fears, healing of wounds and traumas, reprogramming of old patterns and believe systems and to liberate ourselves from everything which holds us back to experience happiness, peace and freedom.

To reach these aims, we see our duties in:

  • exploring and preserving of ancient wisdom
  • discovering of new knowledge and modern techniques
  • supporting a symbiotic life between humans, animals and nature in order to bring balance into our ecosystem
  • bringing attention to the importance of environmental and nature protection and to act in this sense as well as motivate to take action
  • the sharing of these insights with other people who are willing to transform their lives and our world

To implement these goals…

…we strive to plan, create and realize continuously projects, studies and researches, as well as support international partner projects who share a similar philosophy and equal values.
With the generated proceeds and obtained donations we finance our studies and projects and support our partner projects.
For people who are interested in our work it is possible to acquire membership.
The members are able to participate in our programs, seminars and research studies.

Current research study:

We are currently conducting a year-long research study in collaboration with the New York State Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University, Department of Psychiatry as part of our retreats.

Aim of this study is to evaluate whether plant medicine ceremonies improve mental health conditions and overall well-being. The study assesses the effects of traditional plant medicine on well-being, quality of life, substance use, and mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Project Activities


  • Research studies in form of retreats and seminars with implementation of our acquired  knowledge, as well as through the experience of our partner or guest instructors. Under usage of techniques and aid like Sacred Plant Medicine, Master Plant Dietas, shamanic techniques, ancient wisdom, Vedic, Eastern and Buddhist practices, release and integration exercises like shadow work, self-inquiry, breath work, integration work, inner child healing, therapeutic approach, balancing of female and male energies, transformation work, therapeutic work with animals and different other modern techniques.
    With the intention of holistic healing, inner cleaning and deep transformation. Everything applied holistic in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, during group retreats, individual sessions and training & healing travels.
  • The evaluation of the current research study is carried out by our partners, the New York State Psychiatric Institute and the Columbia University, Department of Psychiatry.


  • Aid projects for animals to ensure their natural rights.
  • Support of indigenous tribes and communities.
  • Expansion and promotion of a sustainable, self-sufficient life and environmental protection.
  • Education in healthy nutrition and a healthy way of life.

Medium & long term:

  • Financial and operative assistance of the creation and building of the Inkanima Healing and Learning Center in Yarina / Pucallpa / Peru.
    Buildng Phase 2018 – 2021.
  • Planning, creating and building of the Transformation CenterJardin de Visiones for holistic healing work with humans and animals in Andalusia / Spain.

Participant Feedback

Read some fedback from participants of our retreats.

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