Terms and Conditions


To become a member of our association ‘Visiones’, we offer different membership types:

  • One-year supporting membership without automatic annual renewal
  • One-year supporting membership with automatic annual renewal
  • Free short-term membership of 22 days) for participants in our research studies, which may consist of retreats, ceremonies, individual treatments and travels.

The one-year supporting membership without automatic annual renewal ends at december 31 of the currently year.
The membership fee is payable within 14 days after the request of the membership application.
The one-year supporting membership with automatic annual renewal ends at december 31 and will be extended for a further year unless terminated with one month’s notice to the end of the membership year.
The membership fee is payable within 14 days after the request of the membership application and then annually until the 31st of January.
The free short-term membership starts on the first day of participation in one of our research studies and ends after 22 days.
For this type of membership no membership fee is required.

Research studies:

All our retreats, ceremonies individual treatments, house cleanings, travels and other offered activities serve as research studies in order to explore and evaluate the effect of the used plants and practices as holistic healing techniques.
Our aim is to support holistic healing of the body, mind and soul with alternative practices and to find balance in life, as well as support a alternative healthy lifestyle which is in harmony with our nature.
Our retreats, ceremonies and individual treatments do not replace any medical treatment.

Description of a healer:

In our retreats we´re working together with teachers and healers from other traditions and indigenous tribes who are not educated in western medicines. Their and our work is based on energetic shamanic practices with the suppoort of natural medicinal plants and herbs as well as healing stones.


The associacion Visiones is a non profit organizaion. The generated proceeds as well the received donations are used to implement our projects and to support partner projects, as well as other projects and organizations.

Registration & Registration fee:

To confirm your participation it is necessary to make a deposit in form of an registration fee, transferred to our bank account no later than one week after your registration.

As soon as the amount is on our bank account, your place at our retreat or ceremony is confirmed.

Registration fee for 1 night of ceremony:                 €   50,-

Registration fee for 2 nights of ceremony:               € 100,-
Registration fee for 4 day retreats:                            € 150,-
Registration fee for 5 day retreats:                            € 200,-
Registration fee for 7 & 8 day retreats:                     € 350,-
Registration fee for the 11 day dieta:                        € 400,-

The remainder of the retreat price (including accommodation and food) can be paid either immediately or no later than two weeks before the retreat by bank transfer or Paypal.
After consultation, it is also possible to balance the balance in cash at the beginning of the retreat.

Cancelation conditions:

Cancelation from participants:
The registration can be canceled for free latest 3 weeks before the retreat. In this period we will transfer the registration fee back to your bank account.
In case of a cancelation from your side during the last 3 weeks before the retreat, the registration fee will be withhold and charged as cancelation fee.
At the 1st day of the retreat the cancelation fee is 100% of the retreat price (incl. venue fee). In this case we will withhold and charge the whole retreat fee (incl. venue fee) as cancelation fee.

Cancelation from our side:
For the retreats and ceremonies, there is a minimum number of participants, depending on the venue.
If there are not enough participants registered for a retreat, we reserve the right to cancel the retreat and refund the payment already made, regardless of the period. Any other costs incurred, such as travel expenses (e.g. air tickets, train tickets or bus tickets), we can not refund.

Medications & health topics:

It is required to inform us in confidence, if one of the following points apply to you:

  • if you take any kind of medications
  • if you take any kind of psychoactive substances or drugs
  • if you have mental issues
  • if you have a heart condition
  • if you have chronic high blood pressure
  • if you have asthma
  • if you have epilepsy
  • if you have liver problems
  • if you are pregnant
  • if you will have your menstruation during the retreat

Our bank account:

Owner:  Visiones
IBAN:     FI04 7997 7993 6669 52
Bank:     Holvi