Plant Medicine Retreat

3 Night Retreat /// 11. – 14. September 2023

Area Linz / Austria
with the Shipibo Maestro Inkanima and the curanderos Sanken Tsoma and Metsa Yaka

We welcome you to our transformative Plant Medicine 3 Night Retreat at a beautiful and uniquely designed seminar place, around 30 minutes south of Linz.

Together with our teacher Inkanima we will share the sacred Plant Medicine from the Peruvian Amazon.
During these 4 days we will hold 3 Plant Medicine Ceremonies in Shipibo Tradition.

In these Plant Ceremonies you are connecting with sacred healing plants from the Peruvian Amanzon. By drinking the sacred and powerful medicine you enter the worlds of the Master Plants, which enable you to work on a deeper level of consciousness and experience profound healing, clearing and transformation on a physical, psychological, emotional, energetical and spiritual level. It is aswell about the transformation of old patterns and removing of blockages.

The medicine opens you up to your inner truth and connects you to the understanding and blessings of life.
Through the integration of the teachings and the wisdom of the plants, this can be the starting point to change your life and live it in full potential.

You will have the possibility to drink the Plant Medicine, but it´s not a have to. You can as well participate in ceremony without drinking the medicine. The work still will be done.

Content & Schedule

The 3 Night Retreats are an combination of

  • 3 sacred plant ceremonies according to the Shipibo-Conibo tradition
  • Rapé rituals and Sananga sharings for cleansing, aligning and centering awareness
  • individual treatments during the ceremonies like shamanic massages and taking out of heavy energies if needed
  • guided meditations


    • Thursday – 1st Plant Medicine ceremony at night
    • Friday – 2nd Plant Medicine ceremony at night
    • Saturday – 3rd Plant Medicine ceremony at night
    • Sunday – sharing and departure day

    Arival & departure time

    • arrival is on your first retreat day between 5 pm and 7 pm
    • departure at the end of the retreat is between 1 pm and 2 pm, after we finished with the Sunday programm  – try to plan your departure not before 2 pm if possible
    The Venue

    Click on the picture to see more….

    The retreat will be held at a very special seminar place in Upper Austria, located 50 km south of Linz and 200 km west of Vienna.
    In an inspiring environment and with newly created beautiful architecture, the sustainable and ecological seminar center is a place that promotes physical, mental and spiritual development. A place to arrive in the middle and to come back to balance.
    The Team

    You are welcome to enter this sacred and transformational space and be guided and whole heartly supported by the Shipibo Maestro Inkanima and his apprentices the curanderos Sanken Tsoma and Metsa Yaka (for more infos, click on the names).

    And our organizers Sue & Jürgen are there for you before and during the retreat in all organizational matters and will prepare our meals at the kitchen with lot of love.

    Prices & Booking Options

    Full 3 Night Retreat

    incl. accommodation in a
    Group Sleeping  Room
    – the budget option –


    sleep on a mattress in the group sleeping room

    Full 3 Night Retreat

    incl. accommodation in a
    Standard Single Room
    – for privacy –


    your private space in a standard single room

    Full 3 Night Retreat

    incl. accommodation in a
    Shared 3 Bed Room
    – the comfort option –


    shared rooms (if possible, separate for women and men)

    Full 3 Night Retreat

    incl. accommodation in a
    Private Wooden Hut
    – separate tiny house  –


    your private space in a cozy wooden hut

    Full 3 Night Retreat

    incl. accommodation in a
    Double Room Apartment
    with living room & kitchen –


    availlable for double bookings of couples, family, friends

    Full 3 Night Retreat

    incl. accommodation in a
    Superior Single Room
    – with a cozy atmosphere 


    your private space in a superior single room

    The prices are per person and include vegan diet food and accommodation.
    Room pictures are examples, the furnishing of the rooms differs.
    The double rooms are apartments and available for double bookings of couples, family, friends.
    All beds have complete bed linen.

    Price breakdown:

    € 765,- Retreat fee
    + € 225,- accommodation in a group sleeping room & meals
    + € 255,- accommodation in a shared 3 bed room & meals
    + € 395,- accommodation in a double room & meals
    + € 355,- accommodation in a single room or wooden hut & meals
    + € 415,- accommodation in a superior single roomt & meals

    The payment information can be found on our registration form by clicking on the “Sign-in” button below.
    The retreat is a closed retreat, which means that participation is only possible for the entire retreat. Individual ceremonies are not available at this time. Shortened retreat participation only on request with a waiting list and only possible if there are still places available shortly before the retreat.

    Price policy 2023:

    This year we have to adjust all of our retreat prices, as is the case in most industries at the moment. Especially in the travel and retreat area, expenses have increased due to exponential price increases in travel expenses, food costs, utility costs, energy costs as well as costs for the procurement of medicine plants and preparation of plant medicines.
    In addition, we are happy to announce our team is growing and in some of our retreats we will provide more additional content, practices and modules for you.

    The investment in the retreat is an investment in yourself.

    Preparation Diet & Packing List

    Preparation Diet

    It is highly recommended (partly necessary) to make a special preparation diet before, during and after the retreat, to prepare you physically and mental for the retreat. This diet includes following topics:

    Please abstain two weeks before and after the retreat from:

    • pork and red meat

    Please abstain one week before and after the retreat from:

    • salt, spices, garlic, onion and sugar
    • dairy products
    • citrus and sour fruits (like lemons, oranges, mandarins, pineapple, kiwi, passion fruit, sour bears)
    • oil and fat (including avocados and nuts)
    • pills, medications, caffeine, alcohol and drugs of any kind (waiver urgently necessary!)
    • sexual activities
    • violent or aggressive movies or video games

    Detailed information you will receive after your registration.

    Medical guidelines

    First priority is the safety and health of the participants.
    To ensure this you have to fill out a questionnaire with questions about your mental and physical health as well as any medication to be taken.
    In some cases with particular health conditions or specific medications it is not possible to to intake the plant medicine. Medications that are not compatible with the plant medicine has to be discontinued in advance and in consultation with a doctor (the required period depends on the particular preparation).
    In case you take medications we will inform you after your registration about the compatibility of your medication.
    It is as well possible to participate in the retreat without taking the plant medicine. The work still will be done.

    Packing list

    • a pillow and a blanket or a sleeping-bag for the ceremonies
    • a mattress or mat (like a yoga mat or camping mattress) for the ceremonies
    • maybe a notebook and pens if you want to write down something
    • a small flashlight or headlamp (the ceremonies take place in total darkness and it may be useful to go to the toilet)
    • comfortable clothes and thick socks
    • if you want, music instruments


    Research Study & Membership

    All our retreats and ceremonies serve as research studies in order to explore and evaluate the positive effect of the used plants and practices as holistic healing techniques. The retreats of our Summer Tour are part of a research study in collaboration with the New York State Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University. By participating in this retreat, you have the opportunity to participate in this study, provided you meet the requirements of this study (set by the research institute). Participation in the study is of course anonymous and voluntary.

    Our aim is to support the holistic healing of body mind and soul with alternative practices, to promote a balance in life and to support an alternative healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with our nature.
    As well we support with our research studies indigenous projects.

    Our retreats, ceremonies and individual treatments do not replace any medical treatment.

    To participate in our retreats / research studies, it is necessary to become a member of our association.
    For this we also offer a free short-term membership. You can select your membership type later in the registration form.

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