Cacao & Breathwork Ceremony

– a Shamanic Journey to Yourself –

by Sanken Tsoma

We invite you to a shamanic journey to yourself. Guided by the Spirit of the heart opening Cacao medicine, carried by the wide wings of your breath and accompaned by the curandero Sanken Tsoma and his unique inner medicine, we will go on a deep journey through your inner world.

In a lovingly held safe space, we will share the beautiful medicine mama Cacao and connect with her spirit before diving into an intense breathwork session that will take you to unexpected depths. During this guided 90-minute breathwork session, accompanied by driving music, we let our breath guide us within. You will be transported by your breath into an altered state of consciousness while your own inner wisdom reveals itself and shows you what needs to be seen and felt in this moment. Trapped emotions, stress, fears and blockages can be released. Creativity can increase, sharp clarity can form, new ideas can pour out of us, and deeper truths can be revealed. The Bliss hormone anandamide is released, which can give us a feeling of inner peace, happiness, love & compassion or even ecstasy. Each individual inner experience can bring healing, unique wisdom and clarity, and a deeper connection to yourself.

The Cacao & Breathwork Ceremony lasts about 3 hours and is led by Sanken Tsoma (click on the name for more infos), who is working in the Inkanima lineage. Beside his guidance from the plants through Master Plant Dietas he was taught and initiated by the Shipibo Maestro Inkanima (from the Peruvian Amazon) and the Inca / Q’ero Healer Don Eduardo Chura Apaza (rom the Peruvian Andes).

Upcoming Ceremonies:

Tallinn / Estonia:
26/11/2023 /// 6pm – 9pm
Reconnect Studio – 10414 Tallinn
Price: € 80,-

Pärnu / Estonia:
29/11/2023 /// 6pm – 9pm
Sisekosmosejaam – 80011 Pärnu
Price: € 80,-

Vienna / Austria:
02/12/2023 /// 6pm – 9pm
Alkemy Soul – 1040 Vienna
Price: € 80,-

Böhlen (area Leipzig) / Germany:
10/12/2023 /// 6pm – 9pm
04564 Böhlen b. Leipzig
Price: € 80,-

Berlin / Germany:
16/12/2023 /// 6pm – 9pm
12589 Köpenick – S-Bahn Station Wilhelmshagen
Price: € 80,-

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