Holistic Shamanic Healing Session

– for your Animal & for You –

as Online Sessions or in Presence

This session is about supporting your Animal in finding its natural Balance again.

An imbalance can be caused, for example, by an already manifested illness or physical symptoms, energetic blockages, emotional issues or even energetic transfers from the owner.

That’s why it’s important to look at the holistic picture in order to identify and solve the cause and the related issues.

For us, every “problem” is an opportunity for transformation, growth and deeper understanding.

Every physical problem has its origins on a subtle, energetic level.

It is up to us to listen to what the soul wants to tell us.

I support you and your animal in recognizing and solving your issue together, growing from it and thereby deepening your relationship.

The Session includes (online as in presence):

  • A preliminary meeting via Zoom – You tell me your Animal’s symptoms and on what you want to work – approx. 30 minutes
  • The treatment of your Animal takes place without Zoom and takes approx. 1 – 1.5 hours.
  • Follow-up meeting via Zoom – I share with you information and messages that your animal has shown and provide you with tips for implementation and your further path – for approx. 30 minutes

For a distant treatment I may need a photo of your animal.


Elements of my work are:

  • Shamanic Energy Release & Healing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Reiki
  • Holistic Animal Communication

More detailed information you can find below.

Our animals have a strong energetic bond with us.
They mirror our own issues and take on many of them, which can help us to dive deeper, heal and grow within our own processes.
I´m looking forward to meeting your companion and you!

If you would like to receive further support in this context in order to dive deeper into your own topics and work with them, you also have the option of booking a 1:1 Sacred Space Session for yourself additionally.

The Elements of my Work:

Shamanic Energy Release & Healing

  • Shamanic Emotional Release Massage
    All of the emotions and trauma are stored in the cells of the physical body and can block the energies to flow freely. With this type of shamanic massage a wide variety of topics can be worked on, can become healed and the energy system ce be re-balanced.
  • Mapacho Cleansing (from the Shipibo-Conibo tradition)
    Cleansing of the energy field and the body through the powerful Spirit of the sacred Mapacho Tobacco. The Tobacco is blown with a special pipe into the Klient´s energy field and onto the body.
    Mapacho Tobacco is a very important Master Plant with strong cleansing, clarifying, healing and protection abilities in various indigenous tribes of South America.
    The Mapacho Cleansing is only used on the Animal in Distant Session and can be otherwise be replaced by Palo Santo.
  • Icaro Healing Chants (from the Shipibo-Conibo tradition)
    Through healing chants, sung in Shipibo language, energies are channeled from different Master Plants that work in the client´s energy system. These Icaros have a purifying and healing effect on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Shipibo Icaros are an old and high developed technology, which works deep within the energy system.

These different shamanic techniques and tools are implied according to individual needs.

Chakra Balancing

The Chakras can be seen as vital portals between mind and soul. The Chakras are the subtle energy centers of the body and are divided into the 7 main chakras, along the spine and the secondary Chakras.

You can imagine them as rotating energy vertebrae in the body

If a Chakra is blocked, energetically undercharged or overloaded, this affects the entire energy system and well-being and can lead to physical, emotional and spiritual problems.

Chakra Balancing is a form of energy work that helps balance the chakras and release blockages, so that the energies can flow freely again.

Reiki Usui

Reiki describes the Universal Life Energy. It is present in everything and everyone and is always available.

By channeling Reiki by means of touch combined with the various Reiki symbols, the self-healing powers and natural healing process of the body becomes activated, blockages will be released and the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being will be restored.

Holistic Animal Communication

Animal Communication refers to Telepathic Communication with Animals on a soul level.

This mental exchange of information can be perceived through all senses, so that in addition to receiving information, feelings, physical sensations and even smells and tastes can also be transmitted.

Including our Animal’s soul can help us get a deeper understanding of the holistic picture.

Your Investment

Holistic Shamanic Healing Session

Zoom Meeting in advance
Treatment of your Animal
Follow up Zoom Meeting

About Metsa Yaka

For Metsa Yaka as a passionate ´inner work practitioner` herself, coming from the shamanic approach through the work with various Master Plants, as well from the work with the Horse Medicine, her intention is always, to discover the root of the ´problem´ to heal & transform in a profound way. 

In her trauma oriented work she relates a lot to the wisdom of the body and the emotional body, implementing elements of energy, body and process work.

Guided by her strong intuition, her clairsentient and clairvoyant abilities and a deeper understanding of the holistic picture, Yaka is holding a space of presence, clarity love & allowance supporting Humans and Animals to find their way into presence, healing, reconnection and to their inner wisdom. 

She works as well as a ambassador and translator for the Horse & Animal World and is supporting Humans with their Animals to find a deeper understanding and form a authentic relationship.

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The session does not replace a veterinary diagnosis or treatment.