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Application for a supporting membership of the association ‘Visiones – Verein zur Erforschung und Bewahrung von altem und neuen Wissen für die Entwicklung ganzheitlicher Wege der Bewusstwerdung im Einklang von Mensch, Tier und Natur’ (Association for research and preservation of old and new knowledge for the development of holistic ways of expanding awareness in harmony of humans, animals and nature).

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To participate in our retreats and ceremonies it is legally necessary to become a member of our association 'Visiones'. You can choose between a one-year supporting membership without automatically renewal or a one-year supporting membership with automatically renewal option. The membership always runs until December 31 of the current calendar year and, depending on the desired option, the membership ends automatically on December 31 of this year or renews at January 1 until the termination of the membership. If you register for one of our retreats, it is also possible to make a free short-term membership, for 22 days.
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