Rao Caballo

Medicine of the Horse

For a deeper understanding…

The day when we start to listen to our horse,
what it truly wants to show us about ourself,
is the day we have the chance to dive into
a deeper understanding of the horse and ourself.

My passion for horses led me seek for a deeper understanding of them.
My wish for a authentic relationship led me to carefully listening to them.
And then I realized, my horse want me to heal, to transform and grow in my highest potential.

About my Work

It´s all about the reconnection to ourself, what enables us to engage with other beings from a deeper level of understanding and in a authentic way.
Your horse will tell you, what needs to be healed, needs to be transformed and needed to be released to find and walk the path of heart and what your horse requires from you to grow into it´s potential.
You will find answers in the mirror of the horse.
By opening up a safe space of presence, clarity & allowance for you and your horse, there is the chance for you to connect to the wisdom of your horse and to your very own wisdom and intuition.
To support both of you in the process my work is based on body work, integration work, energy work, inquiry work & animal communication.

About me

Désirée Dior – Metsa Yaka was born in Germany in 1985.
Since a very young age she felt drawn to the mystics of the Universe and started seeking for truth.
Her first and ever „home“ she found with the animals, especially with horses. Since early childhood she felt fascinated and drawn to their energy. Around their presence she was able to deeply connect within herself and just BE.
Her other „home“ she found in the work withAyahuasca. Right from the beginning she tapped into a old connection to the realms of the plants and went through an intense out of body initiation process on her path as medicine women.
The next years she went herself on a profound healing journey out of deep depressions and anxiety guided and supported by the sacred medicines.
In 2016 she became initiated by her teacher Inkanima from the Shipibo lineage and received her medicine name Metsa Yaka.
In 2017 her first own horse Levante came into her life and she started studying with her dear friend, transformational teacher and horse wisperer, Larissa Simon, founder of Horse Inspiration Academy and her personal journey began to deepen even more.
In the same year she began as well to lead Ayahuasca ceremonies herself combined with different types of body and integration work. She is working as well through energy work and with animal communication
As a committed inquiry practitioner herself with a strong intuition, she is holding a space of presence, clarity, love & allowance for humans and animals.
Her work is all about reconnection, profound transformation & deeper understanding.
Since 2017 is living with her 3 amazing horse teachers, a precious deer, her three dogs and 12 cats in Andalusia surrounded by beautiful nature.

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Courses, Workshops & Retreats

“Spirit of HorseWhispering” Portugal – 8 Months Programm  

6 Modules, 9 days each, within 8 Months From October till May 2023
– with Larissa Simon –