Sacred Space

– Individual 1:1 Online Sessions –

Do you feel stuck at any point in your life?
You are seeking for more clarity and guidance in your life?
Do you feel the call to reconnect deeply with yourself?
You want to become more present with the energies within and surrounding you and learn to get them moving in the most transformative way for you?

My offering for you…

Together we will open up a held space of presence, clarity & love.
In this space you are welcome with everything that is and you are invited to let go of everything that is no longer serving you.
We will implement different elements of body and process work to reconnect to your inner wisdom, self-healing powers & your hearts path.

The sessions will take approximately 90 minutes via Zoom.

I´m happy and honored to support you on your journey with my full heart.

 Love…    Metsa Yaka

The Elements of my Work
  • Trauma Healing
  • Inner Child work
  • Bodywork – Breathwork, Dynamic Meditation, Emotional Release,…
  • Inquiry Work
  • Shadow Work


Your Investment

Your full commitment to yourself and to confront also the unpleasant in order to heal, transform & grow in a profound way.

One Session

1 online session
(approximately 90 minutes)

Four Sessions

4 online sessions redeemable within 2 months
(approximately 90 min) + WhatsApp support

About Metsa Yaka

For me as a passionate `inner work practitioner` myself, coming from the shamanic approach through the work with various Master Plants, as well from the work with the Horse Medicine, the intention is always, to dicsover the root of things to heal & transform in a profound way.
My work contains elements of energy, body and process work.  I let myself be guided and follow my intuition what is needed in the moment for your highest good.

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Book your Individual Online Session
Please let me know if you want to book one session or four sessions.