Shamanic House Cleaning

by Sanken Tsoma

Energetic house cleaning with shamanic techniques.

Ceremonial, energetic cleaning of your house or apartment to clear and cleanse dark and dense energies by smudging, smoking Mapacho tobacco, chanting indigenous healing chants, and using drums and rattles.

Sanken Tsoma works intuitively and applies his “tools” that he learns from his teachers, Shipibo Maestro Inkanima (from the Peruvian Amazon) and Q’ero / Inca healer Don Eduardo Chura Apaza (from the Peruvian Andes), as well as from various teacher plants and has received.

House cleaning takes around 2 to 3 hours, depending on the size of the property, and is carried out by Sanken Tsoma (please click on the name for more information).

Upcoming Dates:
(Dates by appointment)

04. & 05/12/2023      Vienna (Austria)
11/12/2023     Böhlen (Leipzig/Germany)
14/12/2023     Berlin (Germany)                   

€ 120,- (small 1-2 room apartment up to 50 sqm / around 2 hours)
€ 150,- (medium-sized 2-3 room apartment up to 80 sqm / around 2,5 hours)
€ 180,- (large 3-4 room apartment (up to 100 sqm / around 3 hours)
from € 200,- (larger apartments over 100 sqm and single-family houses / around 3,5 hours)