Individual Healing & Cleaning Session

by Sanken Tsoma

Shamanic healing & cleaning treatment for energetic purification amd healing of the energy body, the physical body and the spirit with intuitive use of different shamanic energies & techniques.
In some cases pain in the body can be alleviated or even completely disappear.

The treatment takes around one hour, depending on the requirements. After a short conversation, a cleansing and clearing work is started intuitively with the required treatment, which is based on techniques from different shamanic traditions. The used techniques are coming from the shamanic healing work of the Shipibo-Conibo people, the Inca / Q’ero healers and various Brazilian tribes.

This treatment is made up of one or more of the following:

  • Hucha Clearing with the Mesa (from the ancient Inca tradition)
    Clean up of “Hucha” (heavy energy / blockages) from your energy field by usage of the “Mesa” (Inca / Q’eros medicine bags) and meteorite stones from the Andes. Connecting with a healing source afterwards. This application transforms and corrects your energy field and releases blockages.
  • Mariri Cleaning (from the Shipibo-Conibo tradition)
    Clean up of “Jacon mabo niwebo” (“bad air” / bad energies) from your body with a kind of “anaconda” energy, called Mariri, by using the hands (massage out / pull out) or mouth. Tensions can be solved in this way, pain can be alleviated or bad energy can be cleansed.
  • Mapacho Cleansing (from Shipibo-Conibo tradition)
    Purification of the energy field and the body by the Spirit of sacred Mapacho tobacco. The client is thereby smoked with a special whistle and cleaned energetically. For various South American tribes Mapacho tobacco is a very important plant with strong purifying, clearing and healing abilities.
  • Icaro – Healing Songs (from the Shipibo-Conibo tradition)
    Through Shipibo healing songs energies of medicinal plants are channeled, which are working in the energy field and in the body of the client.
  • Rapé Rituals (from the indigenous tradition of different brazilian tribes)
    Rapé is a powdered mixture made from finely ground Mapacho tobacco and parts or ash from various medicinal plant from the Brazilian Amazon. It has been produced and used for centuries by indigenous tribes, such as the Huni Kuin, Yawanawa, Kaxinawá, Katukina, Nukini, etc. The Rapé is blown into the nose with a bamboo tube (Tepi). It cleans physically & energetically, centers the mind, clears the consciousness and cleans the pineal gland. Rapé is very good to focus and to maintain better concentration in meditation.

The various works can either be specifically booked or intuitively used, depending on individual needs.

The treatment will be held by Sanken Tsoma (for more infos please click on the name).
He is initiated in this kind of healing work by his indigenous teachers the Shipibo Maestro Inkanima (from the Peruvian Amazon) and the Q’ero/Inka Healer Eduardo Chura Apaza (from the Peruvian Andes).

Next Dates:
Dates by appointment – duration around 60 min
__/__/____              Berlin
__/__/____      Vienna
__/__/____              Böhlen (b.Leipzig)

€ 80,-     for 60 min treatment

treatments regularly available in Berlin, Leipzig, Vienna and as well in Andalusia/Spain