A Journey through the 12 Nights

– Online Cacao Breathwork Course –

3 Weeks /// from 21st of Dezember 2022 till 11th of January 2023
by Metsa Yaka

I cordially invite you to use the special time of the 12 nights for yourself, to consciously let go of the old and align yourself with your heart’s visions for the new to come.
Together we open a held space of presence to let go and transform what no longer serves us, to connect more deeply with our intuition and find more clarity for what is to come

The combination of the heart-opening medicine of Cacao and the transformative medicine of our Breath enables us to dive deep into our individual processes and to connect with our inner being.
It let us become present with the energies within and around us in the here and now.

If you feel the call to consciously commit this mystical time for yourself, then I am happy if you are part of our course.
The only thing what you need is your inner Yes to receive with open arms everything that wants to be seen and felt.

In the 12 nights the gates to the worlds open.

Energies and messages become clearer and invite us to consciously cleanse and reconnect.

Lots of Love…    Metsa Yaka

The Online Course includes…
  • 3 Cacao Breathwork Ceremonies with sharing rounds approx. 2 hours
  • 1 Individual Session approx. 1.5 hours
  • your Medicine treasure chest with Cacao 4 servings, Palo Santo Oil, Agua de Florida & Eucalyptus Smudge Stick
  • 1 recorded Breathwork Session for your preparation
  • the daily energies of the 12 Nights with tips on rituals and energy work – please get yourself a nice 12 Nights dairy
  • WhatsApp group



Cacao Breathwork Ceremonies
21/12/2022 – 7 pm
28/12/2022 – 7 pm
04/01/2023 – 7 pm

Individual Session
Appointment by arrangement until 11/01/2023 freely selectable

Working Sessions

Cacao Breathwork Ceremony

Cacao ceremonies are originated all the way back to Mayan and Aztec traditions in Central and South America. The spirit of Cacao was used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes, inner awakening and creative guidance. The heart opening medicine can unlock euphoric states, release emotions and enabels you to connect to our higher self, our wisdom within, the loving energy in our body and will also silence the mind. Cacao has been used for centuries to heal the mental, physical and spiritual body.

Through deep, circulating breathing, we increase the oxygen supply in the brain and in the entire bloodstream. The neural network is stimulated and more hormones are released. Among other things, anandamides, also known as the “bliss hormone”. From the state of connectedness, emotions, stress and anxiety can be released, our own awareness and creativity are increased and we come into a feeling of inner peace, love and compassion. Deeper truths can show up.

“Our breathing is the direct connection to pure consciousness.”

Individual Online Session

In a compassionate space of consciousness you can dive deeper into your inner landscape, connect with your emotions and feelings, release and transform them, discover unseen shadow aspects to bring them into healing and unravel destructive believe systems and mind structures by engaging different tools.

Our intention will be to find the answers and clarity you are seeking for inside of you by connecting to your inner wisdom and the wisdom of your body and transform what needs to be transformed to really live the path of your heart.

When we tapping into a protected space of consciousness, when we are opening our self to the deeper truth by confronting with full commitment the uncomfortable, we will always be supported with everything what is needed for deep transformation.

About Metsa Yaka

For me as a passionate inquiry work practitioner, coming from the shamanic approach through the work with Ayahuasca and various Master Plants, as well from the work with the Horse Medicine, the intention is always, to get to the source of things to really transform in order to grow.
My work is not based on a technique, I let myself be guided and follow my intuition what is needed in the moment.

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Your Self Investment

A Journey through the 12 Nights


Online Cacao Breathwork Course

Wednesday, 21st of December till Wednesday, 11th of January 2023


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