Master Plant Dieta Spain

Sierra Nevada / Andalusia

Master Plant Dieta 2020

Sierra Nevada / Andalusia / Spain

6th – 20st July 2020

– 15 Day Retreat with the Shipibo Maestro Inkanima –


– Canceled –

Because of the worldwide situation and due to different reasons unfortunately we needed to cancel our Inkanima Summer Tour this year and with this as well the Master Plant Dieta in Spain. Here you will find our Summer retreats:

Summer Retreats 2020

Dear Ones, we are excited to invite you to our 11 Day Master Plant Dieta 2020 in Spain.
For the second time we will hold the Dieta at this amazing place in the Sierra Nevada, near Granada – in the south of Spain / Andalusia.

In this 15 day retreat, we are having the special opportunity to go on a deep journey with sacred plants and powerful trees from the Amazon, at a beautiful medicine place, which is surrounded by impressive mountains.
In those Learning or Healing Dietas you are able to go on a deep inner journey in union with diffrent sacred Master Plants.

With the guidance of our Shipibo Maestro Inkanima you will connect to the high vibrating plant spirits in order to heal, purify, transform and grow.
He will be assisted by Mesta Yaka and  Sanken Tsoma who will support you from heart.

The Dieta

A “dieta” is a journey into the endless realms of the plants to receive healing, purification, deep teachings and energies from these lightful spirits, as well it is a journey to your true inner self.
By going into a dieta with a plant, you are committing yourself to work a close relationship with this spirit.
You will receive the plant medicines oral in form of a tea or juice, made from the wood, the root of specific trees or from the leaves, flowers of specific plants. During the time of the dieata it is very important to keep a special kind of simple but strict diet, in which we avoid salt, fat, sugar, spices, milk products, meat, processed food, alcohol, caffeine, any kind of substances, soap, deodorants and so on. We also have to avoid sexual activities, as well as consumption of experiences for the mind.
To go on a dieta means to focus on your very own inner world and to stay away from outsides distractions. This all is necessary for allowing the planted “seed” to grow inside of you and it creates a fertile soil for an good relationship with the plant spirit. Besides we recommend to maintain a good meditation, yoga or similiar spiritual practise, to keep yourself aligned in your process and in the work of the plants. Therefore you will find your own privat, protected space in small wooden huts, yurts or tents.

During the retreats we will come together in 4 traditional Shipibo Plant Medicine Ceremonies to enter the realms of the Master Plants and to dive into a deeper level of consciousness, where profound healing and real understanding can happen. The medicine opens us up to wisdom, truth and connects us to the understanding and blessings of life.
Additional we will enjoy daily plant baths.

Master Plant Dietas are shared since thousand of years to:

  • regain physical, emotional and psychological health
  • cleanse the physical body and the blood from toxins
  • clean the energy field
  • strengthen the body, the stamina, the mind and the intuition
  • opening the heart chakra to enable to experience and feel love
  • centre the mind and improve concentration
  • increase creativity
  • learn and studies of the Master Plants

Through the integration of the teachings and the wisdom of the plants, this can be the crucial changing point in your life to live truly from the heart in life´s fullest potential.

You can choose between two different kind´s of dieta. A Healing Dieta or a Learning Dieta. More information you will find in the text box below.


Healing Dieta

For or all kinds of physical and mental illnesses, as well as addictions.
For example skin diseases, cancer, mental suffering like depression, anxiety states, addictions to alcohol and drugs, etc….

A healing dieta always includes learning and in a learning dieta one always experiences healing.
Nevertheless, you may decide where your main intention lies.
Inkanima will support and guide you in your dieta and your process with open hearts.

Learning Dieta

Deeper immersion in the path of plants and the healing work with medicinal plants, in working with sacred Tobacco Mapacho and in energy work. As well you can focus on open your creativity and on your spiritual growth.

In a learning dieta one always experiences healing and a healing dieta always includes learning.
Nevertheless, you may decide where your intention lies.
Inkanima will support and guide you in your dieta and your process with open hearts.

Inkanima & the Team

Inkanima is a traditional healer of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe, who is lives near Pucallpa, in the area of the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. He is 33 years old and comes form a very old lineage of Meraya (the highest degree of a healer in this tradition). His grandfather a very known mighty healer and Meraya, that lived in Paoyhan (a shipibo community in the Ucayali river) transmitted all his knowledge and power to him. The grandparents still guiding Inkanima and the lineage from the non physical world. A lineage full of wisdom and unconditional love, like Inkanima.

Beside Inkanima, the curanderos Metsa Yaka and Sanken Tsoma will support you in every aspect that is needed with open hearts.

The Venue

We will welcome you at a magnificent place in the stunning nature of the Sierra Nevada in Andalucia. The place is located 50 km in the south of Granada. The next airport is also in Granada and a further one in Málaga, with around 135 km distance to the venue.
The ceremonies will be held in a beautiful ceremony dome with lot of space.
At the place is a fresh water pool and out door showers.
For accommodation you can choose between different options. Starting from a tent option for a bit lower budget till different kind of yurts for those who want a bit more luxury.

Accommodation options

Your sleeping options with different price categories (prices below):

  • Aya Yurt & Marocco Yurt
  • Ganesha Yurt, Hadas Yurt & Lucidia Yurt
  • Ama Cabin
  • Bell Tent
  • rented tent (3 tents incl. mattresses available)
  • bring your own tent


Price 15-Day Retreat (incl. 4 Ceremonies):

For the accommodation you can choose between 5 different yurts, 1 little wooden cabin, 3 rented tents or your own tent.

Please let us also know on what you want to focus.
On a healing dieta or on a learning dieta.

Retreat Price:
€   1560,-  
  15 day retreat (without room & food)

Plus accommodation and food:
€   520,-   food and accommodation in your own tent
€   545,-   food and accommodation in a rented tent – 2 of 3 still available
€   735,-   food and accommodation in a Bell Tent 
€   910,-   food and accommodation in the Ama Hut – already booked
€   910,-   food and accommodation in the Ganesha Yurt – already booked
+ €   910,-   
food and accommodation in the Hadas Yurt
+ €   910,-   
food and accommodation in the Lucidia Yurt
+ € 1025,-   
food and accommodation in the Maroccan Yurt
+ € 1025,-   food and accommodation in the Aya Yurt – already booked

The venue prices are per person and including vegan diet food.

It is not possible to book just the Master Plant Dieta without venue & food.

After your registration, a deposit of € 400,- per bank transfer is required to confirm your place in the retreat.

Further payment information you will find in our registration form, when you click on the Sign-in button below.



Next airports:
Granada (GRX) – 60 km distance to the venue
Malaga (AGP) – 135 km distance to the venue

Arival day – 06.07.2020 (arrival possible from afternoon)
Departure day – 20.07.2020 (departure after breakfast)

Cheap flights from many countries and cities in Europe you can find here up from around € 100,- for both

And dont forget to book your ticket soon, as long they are cheap!!!

Shuttle service:

  • several buses per day from Granada city centre to Lanjaron (also back several buses per day)→ free pick up service from Lanjaron
  • one bus per day at 3 pm from Malaga city centre to Lanjaron (and 8 am return from Lanjaron) → free pick up service from Lanjaron
  • € 50,- pick up service from the airport Granada (just one way – its possible to share the pick up car with other participants, then the price will be cheaper)
  • € 85,- pick up service from the airport Malaga (just one way – its possible to share the pick up car with other participants, then the price will be cheaper)

Sign in

To sign in for the Master Plant Dieta please use the Sign in button:

Inkanima talks about the Dieta

* Film by Greta Martensen

Research Study Information

All our retreats and ceremonies serve as research studies in order to explore and evaluate the effect of the used plants and practices as holistic healing techniques.
After the retreat we will ask you to complete an anonymous questionnaire to describe the effects of the retreat on your health and daily life.

Our aim is to support the holistic healing of body mind and soul with alternative practices, to promote a balance in life and to support an alternative healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with our nature.
As well we support with our research studies indigenous projects.

Our retreats, ceremonies and individual treatments do not replace any medical treatment.

To participate in our retreats / research studies, it is necessary for legal reasons to become a member of our association.
For this we also offer a free short-term membership. You can select your membership type later in the registration form.

Inkainma Summer Tour 2020

The Master Plant Dieta is part of our Inkanima Summer Tour 2020.

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