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All our retreats and ceremonies serve as research studies in order to explore and evaluate the effect of the used plants and practices as holistic healing techniques.
Our aim is to support the holistic healing of body mind and soul with alternative practices, to promote a balance in life and to support an alternative healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with our nature.

To participate in our retreats / research studies, it is necessary to become a member of our association.
For this we also offer a free short-term membership. You can select your membership type below in the registration form.

To register for one of our retreats or ceremonies, please complete all fields of this registration form and read our registration informations below carefully.

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If you have any questions or problems with the booking form or if you see no confirmation direct after sending, you can contact us at:

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For each payment option, a deposit of € 250,- is required after your registration.
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Do you take any medications regularly?
If yes, which medications do you take at the moment, at the time of the retreat, before or after the retreat?
Do you currently consume any psychoactive substances or drugs or did you consume psychoactive substances or drugs in the last 12 months?
If yes, which psychoactive substances or drugs do you currently consume or have you consumed in the last 12 months?
Do you have physical health problems? Especially any type of heart disease, epilepsy, asthma, liver problems, high blood pressure or low blood pressure.
If yes, which physical health problems do you have?
Do you currently have or have you had any mental health problems? Or are you possibly prone to psychosis or are there cases of psychosis in your family?
If yes, which mental health problems do you have currently or do you had in the past? And when?
Are you pregnant at the moment?
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To participate in our retreats and ceremonies it is legally necessary to become a member of our association 'Visiones'. You can choose between a free short-term membership, for 33 days, a one-year supporting membership without automatically renewal or a one-year supporting membership with automatically renewal option. The membership always runs until December 31 of the current calendar year and, depending on the desired option, the membership ends automatically on December 31 of this year or renews at January 1 until the termination of the membership.

Registration Informations (excerpt from our terms and conditions)


For participation in our research studies such as retreats, ceremonies, diets, treatments, we charge a research contribution, which is divided into a registration fee and a retreat fee.
To confirm your participation it is necessary to make a deposit in form of an registration fee, transferred to our bank account no later than one week after your registration.
As soon as the amount is on our bank account, your place at our retreat or ceremony is confirmed.

Registration fee for 1 day of ceremony:                               €   80,-
Registration fee for 2 days of ceremony:                             € 150,-
Registration fee for the 3 night retreats:                              € 200,-
Registration fee for 5 days retreats                                       € 250,-
Registration fee for 7 till 10 day retreats:                             € 500,-
Registration fee for the 11 day dieta / 11 day retreats:     € 600,-
Registration fee for the 3 or 4 week dietas:                         € 800,-

The remainder of the retreat price (including accommodation and food) can be paid either immediately together with the registration fee or no later than two weeks before the retreat by bank transfer.
After request, it may also be possible to pay the balance in cash at the beginning of the retreat.

Cancelation conditions:

Cancelation from participants:
The registration fee (deposit) is non-refundable. With the registration fee you reserve your place. If you cancel, the registration fee will be retained and charged as a cancellation fee.

In case of a cancelation until 8 days before the retreat, the registration fee will be charged as cancelation fee and the rest of the retreat fee (incl. accommodation fee and food) will be refunded.

In case of a cancelation within 1 week before the retreat, the registration fee will be charged as cancelation fee and the rest of the retreat fee (incl. accommodation fee and food) will be credited towards an upcoming retreat. A refund of the retreat fee is not provided, however the credit will remain until redeemed.

In case of a cancelation at the 1st day of the retreat or during the retreat the cancelation fee is 100% of the research contribution (registration fee & retreat fee, incl. accomodation fee and food) and in this case the research contribution is non-refundable. We will withhold and charge the whole research contribution (registratin fee & retreat fee, incl. accommodation fee and food) as cancelation fee.

Cancelation from our side:
There is a minimum number of participants for the retreats and ceremonies depending on the venue.
If not enough participants are registered for a retreat, we reserve the right to cancel the retreat and refund the payment already made, regardless of the period. We cannot reimburse any other costs incurred, such as travel expenses (e.g. flight tickets, train tickets or bus tickets).

Cancelation through force majeure (for example due to COVID restrictions):
If the retreat is canceled due to unforeseeable circumstances, such as irresistible compulsion, force majeure, COVID restrictions or similar restrictions that prevent us from running the retreat and the retreat has to be canceled or postponed, the registration fee will not be refunded. Instead, the registration fee will be credited to one of our upcoming retreats in the future. If you are unable to attend a retreat within the next 24 months, we will refund your registration fee. We will do our best to refund the amount as soon as possible, but it can take up to 24 months depending on our economic situation. We cannot reimburse any other costs incurred, such as travel expenses (e.g. flight tickets, train tickets or bus tickets).

Medications & health topics:

It is required to inform us in confidence, if one of the following points apply to you:

  • if you take any kind of medications
  • if you take any kind of psychoactive substances or drugs
  • if you have mental issues
  • if you have a heart condition
  • if you have chronic high blood pressure
  • if you have asthma
  • if you have epilepsy
  • if you have liver problems
  • if you are pregnant
  • if you will have your menstruation during the retreat

Our retreats, ceremonies and individual treatments do not replace any medical treatment.